How to manage and negate the possibility of personal liability?

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An email has flooded in to our inbox from a race organiser asking about insurance cover. Do any of the event organisers out there have any advice to share?

"Our event organisers are trying to explore how best to manage and negate the possibility of personal liability in the event of a significant injury claim.
I'd be very interested to know how you have structured the organisation of your event. A there identifiable 'organisers' who take on the responsibility of insurance etc?  One suggestion we have been given is to form a limited company as this could mean only 'the company' is liable rather than particular individuals. Any tips or thoughts about this or simply mentioning what you do would be most appreciated."

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Event and Competitor Insurance

Most event organisers will be required, as a condition of being given permission to run their event, to take out public liability insurance. This provides cover against claims made by members of the public as a result of injury or damage to them or their property caused by the event. Employers liability cover may also be required if you are employing anyone - even as a volunteer - to help out, as they will not be covered by the public liability insurance.

Competitors are normally specifically excluded from these policies and should therefore be required to sign a disclaimer to waive their right to make any claim against the organisers as a condition of being allowed to take part. Any competitor wishing to insure themselves against claims and also provide some accident cover should make their own arrangements. Sportscover Direct specialise in insurance for active people and will cover competitors taking part in properly organised soap box racing events.

In order to get cover for your event, you will normally have to be able to demonstrate that you have the appropriate permissions in place (local authority, police, roads authority, etc). You will also need to ensure that the spectators are properly protected by keeping them behind safety barriers or keeping them well clear of any danger areas, and providing clear warning signs to alert them to potential hazards.

However, many organisers find it easier to go through a local broker a local insurance broker.
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