Soapbox Competition Rules

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The Winners Celebrate in the traditional styleCompetition rules control how the event is actually run and how you decide who the winners are. It is usual to have several prizes, with some being awarded for the fastest time and others for more subjective achievements such as "Best turned out", "Spirit of the event", etc.

Prizes might include;

  • Fastest time of the day
  • Fastest aggregate time
  • Fastest lady
  • Fastest Junior
  • Best turned out
  • BEst engineered
  • Best dressed team
  • Champagne moment
  • Spirit of the event

For liability reasons it is probably best to avoid having prizes for "Best crash", etc, since it would be difficult to argue that you are taking safety seriously while at the same time appearing to encourage people to crash.

For safety reasons, and also for reasons of space and the width of the track, soapbox cartie races often take the form of time trials, where each cartie has one or more timed runs down the course. However, if you have the room then head to head racing is undeniably more exciting.

Competition rules also determine what the age limits are, what tactics are allowed and what would be considered "cheating" - e.g. push starts, ballast, etc.

Example Rules

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