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New Version of CartieSim Now Available

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SCA CartieSim Screen Shot

SCA CartieSim - the world's only software for calculating gravity racer speed - has just got better.

New features include;

  • Create new courses using the new route finder with just a few clicks.
  • Calculate optimum speed trap position
  • Choose what units you want to use for speed, gradient, etc. (e.g. mph, kph, feet, metres, etc.)
  • Easily change your carties weight, drag coefficient, etc to see what effect it has
CartieSim is free to download and evaluate, so grab your copy today and have a play .

Lotus Soapbox Racers Sold


News has reached us that the Lotus 119 Series soapbox racers have been sold.


News has reached us that the Lotus 119 Series soapbox racers have been sold.

The racers were built to race at the Goodwood Festival of Speed, and the fully enclosed 119C was never beaten. After the Goodwood FoS ended their soapbox racing in 2004, the 119 series were retired and used predominantly for display, although they were occasionally wheeled out to appear on TV.

It is understood that a deal has been done to sell all three of the racers to the Barber Vintage Motorsports Museum in Alabama, so it seems that these iconic British soapbox racers will never be seen in the UK or on a race track again.

Red Bull Soapbox, London

Sunday 12th July 2015
Sunday 12th July 2015

Red Bull Soapbox London 2015 The Red Bull Soapbox is returning to Alexandra Palace London for 2015.

Unfortunately, it once again clashes with the three other races in the UK soapbox race calendar.

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UK Soapbox Races for 2015

UK Soapbox Race Calendar 2015The 2015 soapbox race calendar is filling up fast, with 13 confirmed dates across the UK and one in the US. The season opens on May 4th with the Tetbury Wacky Races in Gloucestershire and ends in October with the Brechin City Halloween Cartie Race (date TBC).

New dates are being added all the time, so check back often to get the latest news or like our page on Facebook.

If you would like to add your soapbox race to the 2015 Scottish Carties soapbox racing calendar, please just get in touch and we'll be happy to publicise your event. There is no charge for this service and, like all the other resources on this site, is provided pro bono to help promote and expand soapbox racing in the UK.

Soapbox World Speed Record Set by Guy Martin

Guy Martin Gravity Racer

Guy Martin has set the world record for the highest speed set by a gravity racer.

Using a racer designed by Sheffield Hallam University, he achieved and average speed over a measured 100m of 85.612mph (137.779kph) with a racer weighing 200Kg at Mont Ventoux.

The benchmark has been set. To set the world record, you need to beat 85.6mph over 100m with a racer that is 200Kg or less. 

There will doubtless be many attempts at this over the coming months, and it seems that Guy's record is unlikely to stand for long, but that doesn't take anything away from the skill of the team that achieved this tremendous speed. Congratulations to all involved.

For more information about the work that went in to the record attempt, see the Engineering Sport web site.

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