How to manage and negate the possibility of personal liability?

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An email has flooded in to our inbox from a race organiser asking about insurance cover. Do any of the event organisers out there have any advice to share?

"Our event organisers are trying to explore how best to manage and negate the possibility of personal liability in the event of a significant injury claim.
I'd be very interested to know how you have structured the organisation of your event. A there identifiable 'organisers' who take on the responsibility of insurance etc?  One suggestion we have been given is to form a limited company as this could mean only 'the company' is liable rather than particular individuals. Any tips or thoughts about this or simply mentioning what you do would be most appreciated."

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Scottish Cartie Association

The Scottish Cartie Association was set up primarily to organise Cairngorm Soapbox Extreme. It is an unincorporated association. As such, the members of the association (essentially the office bearers) were personally liable for any debts or claims. We took out third party and employers liability cover to insure us against any claims arising from the event, and all the competitors were required to sign a waiver to exempt us from any claims made against them or that they might wish to make against us.

I don’t have any experience of forming a limited company. We did consider it, but decided against it on the grounds of cost and admin overhead.

Another option we considered but didn’t try was to require all competitors to have their own third party cover. This is available for a relatively modest amount for single events from, for example, Sportcover Direct. (There are other providers).

scottishcarties | April 11, 2018 - 09:07

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