CSE running

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Stephen, are the carties and gravity sidecars going to be running together or will they be kept apart at CSE?

Also do teams need to bring an extra bod to be a marshall?

Only 20 days to go - AARRRRGHHH wheres the time gone???

Burning the midnight oil again methinks

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CSE Running

At the moment it seems likely that the sidehacks and soapboxes will run alongside each other in the heats. There aren't enough sidehack entries to justify running them in their own groups and it makes the organisation much easier if everyone is in the same heat and final stream. They're different classes though, so the final positions will be separated into classes - i.e. there will be a soapbox winner and a sidehack winner.

We've found a lot of the marshalls needed to cover CSE, but still need the teams to help fill the gaps. If we get enough team marshalls, we'll be able to arrange it so individuals only need to marshall for part of the event so we're still looking for a good turnout of volunteers. If every team develops slopey shoulders and assumes that everyone else will cover for them then we're going to have problems, but with ~30 teams entered so far (i.e. ~80 people) it would be very disappointing if we were to struggle to find enough volunteers.

scottishcarties | July 4, 2010 - 13:43

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